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A family owned tradition sine 1999. King and I is proud to serve authentic Thai food to Midland Residence. As an avid runner, Popcorn (the owner) has many special menu items to fill you up while providing a healthy choice. Come by and see what all the buzz is about.


  • One of the best, healthiest, most flavorful restaurants in Midland. The owner and staff obviously care. Great to-go also!Tammy Reighly
  • This place is great and they take great pride in the quality of their food. One of my favorites is the "Hot and Sour" soup. It is a must have, I usually get it as an appetizerJohn Hendricks
  • I love me some King and I, this is one of my first stops when back in town. Pa Nang is great! Carol Hartley
  • Always delicious!! I always order Chicken Curry or Vegetable Curry. Their Mango with Sticky Rice is an excellent dessert.Tracy Hale